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Internet Banner Advertising

Yağmur Fuarcılık has launched a policy specialist infrastructure. E-magazine brings together buyers and suppliers of plastic packaging industry.

Web address is 150 thousand per month will be sent via e-mail address and google ads will be announced at the e-newsletter. Primarily of plastic and packaging machinery, rigid and flexible packaging manufacturers, mold makers and sellers of plastic raw materials and plastics and packaging industry, including all 40 major industry suppliers will meet the demands of domestic and overseas buyers. 




Sizes Home Page(Euro)

Menu (Euro)

1- Mid Horizontal Page Advertising

468x60 px 850 Euro

600 Euro  

2- Right Column Large Rectangle Advertising

300x250 px 1200 Euro

850 Euro

3- Right Column Vertical Skyscraper Advertising 

160x600 px 950 Euro 

750 Euro  

4- Special Right Column Button Advertising

160x160 px 600 Euro 

350 Euro

5- Under Page Square Advertising 

160x160 px 600 Euro

350 Euro 

* Discounts are given 5% for 6 months, 10% for yearly agreements.

* Payments of monthly publications are cash. As a bank transfer or credit card is charged.

* 6 monthly and yearly publications are four equal installments as a check.

* The publication will start after payment confirmed.

* Advertising banner cost: 100 Euro

* Prices do not include tax.