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The Scope of Journal


New and Products:

In this section, company news related to the sector, product news, market analyses, specialties of new-introduced products are taken place.

Company Profiles and Interviews: 

These pages are wide-ranging pages which includes advertisement and introduction writings about companies in the sector. In this section, readers can find widely about the company's products, company's targeted sectors, company’s market shares and exports, targets, quality researches and their solution proposals.

New Technologies:

New-developed machines and systems along the world are introduced. In addition to these, new specialties developed for existing machines and systems are familiarized. Thereby the machine user company can make comparisons and get information about energy saving, precision, sensitiveness, exactness, maintenance, assembly easiness, automation specialties, control stability, general costing, prices and so that judgment can be easily made in production and market activities. 

Production and Management Organization:

At these parts of the magazine, factories, establishments, investments are being informed by our columnists about planning of production, production just in time, planning of sources, quality management, personnel productivity, group working, general productivity and other subjects. Various software programs are introduced in administrative automations and some examples of their applications and usage results are given. 

Industrial Applications:

On these pages examples are given on the industrial usage of new technologies, machines and raw materials which developed in Turkey and in the world. By giving pages for the vision of companies which use these new technologies and machines, the positive results of the system are showed in the area of productivity, quality, speed and costing.

Scientific Articles:

In these pages are scientific studies taken place which came from universities and various scientific establishments. New studies about raw material, materials and machines, analyses, experimental evidences are shed light to technical staff like engineers who are the applicants of the sector. 

Automation and Industrial Control:

Today it’s possible to mention about two important concepts which describe technology. ‘'The automation’' which means automate the existing organization wholly and ‘'automatic control’' which going to secure the correct and precise working of the system. Today these concepts are united with machines and connected with each other. For the importance of this section, in the pages of the magazine take the automation of the plastic processes and packaging processes place widely and sector is being made conscious of the last progresses. 

Research & Studies:

The goal of these pages is to give a place for product, market and demand analyses and so to give regional and product information. It is intended to help to direct companies to correct region with correct product. For example, a research article about Russian flexible packaging can give deep information about native, foreign and accompanied companies in this country, their production and market shares, the market shares of imported goods, existing demand, growth expectations and conjectural demand rises. With these studies progressed in the light of scientific data, it is possible to present serious information to the companies which are exporting or want to export to this country. 


  • Injection molding technology
  • Extrusion molding technology
  • Blow molding technology
  • Insert molding technology
  • In mold labeling technology
  • Rotational molding technology
  • Sandwich molding technology
  • Press molding technology
  • Vacuum forming technology
  • PUR forming technology
  • Thermoform technology
  • Recycling technology
  • Printing machines and systems
  • Mold technology 
  • Hot running systems
  • Mixers, shredders, grinders
  • Feeding, drying and dosage units
  • Test and measurement devices
  • Heating-Cooling technologies
  • Robots and automation systems
  • Biopolymers
  • Nano technology
  • Thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers
  • Compounds and alloys
  • Recyclable plastics 
  • Fillings, colors and additives 
  • Metal Separators
  • Reducer, electric motor, pump


  • Wood Packaging
  • Metal Packaging
  • Glass Packaging
  • Cardboard Packages
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Flexible packaging
  • Rigid Packaging 
  • Laminated packaging
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Containers, carrying cases
  • Big bag, string bag and sack
  • Label and security bands
  • Packaging by-products
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging machines and systems
  • Filling machine and systems
  • Industrial packaging technology
  • Washing ans sterilization units
  • Printing and coding machines
  • Labelling machines
  • Bottles, bowls, glasses manufacturing machinery
  • Bag production machinery
  • Palletizing and Strapping Machines
  • Loading and off loading systems
  • Stowing and carrying systems
  • Robot systems
  • Intelligent packages ans systems
  • Smart packaging and systems
  • Food Packaging / Technology
  • Packaging industry software
  • Automation and test measurement apparatus